Society Management and Utility Nulled

Society Management and Utility

Society Management and Utility app is useful to keep all members up-to-date on important happenings within society. Particularly, it helps those who are either unable to attend society’s general meetings or unaware of the news, events and issues.

Society Management and Utility app is a steady, interactive and all-in-one solution to manage your society’s activities smartly, just on a single tap of your mobile, bringing it on your finger-tips! It is a user-friendly and ready-to-use app. It is sophisticated enough to overcome any challenge related to your society management, at once, simple to use by any society member. It helps apartment owners or residents manage end-to-end task management through a single tap.

Implementing an excellent society management system is perfect for routine administration, and it will definitely facilitate the maintenance of a streamlined source of real-time society data that will save time, energy and money.

Mobile App Features:
  • Simple, hassle-free app
  • Location-based restaurants list display
  • Intuitive, unique, user friendly & attractive design & navigation
  • Society info management
  • Member Management
  • Event and gallery management
  • Facility Management
  • Complaint & Task Management
  • Expense management
  • Push Notification
  • Parking and visitor management
Mobile Applicaiton

Demo Society Admin Login:
Username: A-202
Phone: 1234567890
Password: Evince12@

Society App Member Login:
Username: A-203
Mobile No: 9999988888
Password: Evince12@

Admin Panel:
Admin panel code already included in download package, if you wish to explore backend then contact at
Society Application